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Your Thoughts Reshape Your Brain

Really. They do. The traditional belief was that our brains continued developing until a certain age—hitting the high point somewhere in our 30s—but from then on, the possibility for change ended, leaving us sliding slowly downhill into neural oblivion. Fortunately, new research has shown that our brains are capable of changing for our entire lives. This […]

Everything is Story

After my husband’s brain injury, I became fascinated with the workings of the brain and the mind (not the same thing, remember) and read a great deal about them. When I went to Seattle some years later to speak at the Washington State Traumatic Brain Injury Conference, I took along a book with a most […]

Welcome to A Living, Breathing Story!

Thanks for stopping by. You know you have a life story. You’ve heard that many times. But what if there’s much more to it? What if, instead of having a story, you are a story—a Living, Breathing Story? Stop and think about that for a minute. Even with little awareness of the process, over your […]