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Losing a Place You Love

(To listen to this post, see below.) A Facebook post recently revealed a lovely new word that has remained with me: hiraeth. It’s a Welsh word, pronounced “here-eyeth” with a rolled “r.” It’s really untranslatable because there are no English words that fully encompass its meaning, but the definition in the post was “a homesickness […]

Be That Butterfly!

(Would you rather listen to this blog post than read it? Go to the end of the post.) We all know the story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. But do you know what actually happens to the caterpillar inside the chrysalis? According to an article in Scientific American, “First, the caterpillar digests itself, releasing […]

Forgotten Memories Revived

Feeling nostalgic and curious a few weeks ago, I pulled out two bags of old letters and cards I’ve saved over the years. They’re from family and friends, with some even dating back to the late 1980s. What an amazing treasure trove! Handwritten letters (remember when we actually sent those?) and cards with handwritten notes, […]

National Transitions and Painted Rocks

People aren’t the only ones who go through transitions. So do countries. Just as ours is doing right now. All the turmoil, anger, arguing, cruelty, incivility, and even some mass shootings are signs of it. The old way (or at least the illusion of it) is ending, and a new beginning lies ahead—so we are […]

Transitions Can Surprise Us

In the last few months, people I love have been experiencing all kinds of transitions, and I can’t help but be affected. These transitions began around the time of Mom’s memorial service, which was held on May 26. She died on January 2 and was cremated. With her kids and grandkids living in Indiana, Michigan, […]

Active Waiting

Navigating through a life transition usually means a lot of waiting. Waiting for answers to questions or resolution of difficulties. Waiting for whatever it is that will help you discover your personal path through the thicket of transition. Waiting to shift from whatever has ended to the new beginning. One way to wait: just sit […]

Transitioning Through Life

What are some of the transitions you have faced in your life? The full list from my 66 years would fill many pages. Here is just a smattering: ➢ Entering kindergarten after nearly six years of being at home all day with Mom and my siblings. ➢ My father’s death when I was 14. ➢ […]

As True As Possible

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash. When Ken and I take road trips, he loads his iPod with a variety of podcasts. The miles pass more quickly, and, more importantly, we have some wonderful, uninterrupted opportunities for learning. Occasionally, I hear a comment or statement that inspires or energizes me in some way. That happened this past weekend. […]


A few posts ago, I wrote about a hawk that sat on the wires outside my window and let me admire its powerful, gorgeous self. I’m writing about another (or perhaps the same) bird today, but from a different perspective. My computer sits in front of a large window, and across the street is a […]

Change and Transition

Back in 1999, I joked with friends that I was living in a rut so deep, it might be time to hang pictures on the walls. At the same time, I could sense that a big shake-up was on the horizon. Fortunately, past experience had taught me to not force change in my life, so […]