“You are a living, breathing story. What you make of your story makes you.”
—Barbara Stahura, CJF


“Story is the mother of us all.”
—Christina Baldwin


“We live not by things, but by the meanings of things.”
—Antoine de St.-Exupery


“The story of your life is the tale that you repeatedly tell yourself about who you are, what you want, and what you can and cannot do.”
—Carol S. Pearson, PhD.


“Everything is story, including our identities, our selves, our meanings and purposes, our theories about the world.”
—Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona


“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
—The Talmud


“The words you speak become the house you live in.”


“Change the story and you change perceptions; change perception and you change the world.”
—Jean Houston


“Story. Story is my medicine.”
—Deena Metzger

You have often heard the term “life story” and know you have one. What if, instead of simply having a story, you ARE a living, breathing Story? And one always capable of positive change at that.

It’s time to explore your Story if you are asking yourself any of these questions:

  • Is something in your life not working as well as you would like?
  • Are you feeling a gentle, persistent nudge toward a more authentic life, however you define that for yourself?
  • Do you already know the change you want to make but feel stuck in place?
  • Do you want to discover ways to live a life even better than the one you’re living now?

And, as a living, breathing Story always capable of positive change, are you willing to:

  • Explore diverse ideas and approaches—even if they challenge your current worldview?
  • Be curious and committed enough to do the honest introspection necessary?
  • Keep a journal (If you don’t already do this, know that you need not be a “good writer” or have any previous journaling or writing experience)? and
  • Choose to become the activator of your Story, rather than its captive?

Just as an author creates her characters’ realities with the words she commits to the page, you create your own experience of reality—your Story—by what you think about it. In a very real sense, what you make of your Story makes you. The wonderful thing is, you can explore your Story at any time to discover how to empower it—and you.

• A Living, Breathing Story •
Journaling Programs

What you make of your Story makes you.

In all versions of this restful yet soul-energizing program, you will experience yourself as a Living, Breathing Story always capable of a more positive, joyous, and empowered life, and see how, in a literal sense,  your Story–who and what you believe yourself to be–creates your experience of reality.

The gentle tools for this journey include proven journaling techniques for self-discovery; basic neuroscience tips that will enhance your life; how body and mind work together to create who and what you believe yourself to be; and how you make your Story true by living it (plus ways to reshape it!).

• Upcoming Journaling Programs •

Writing for Wellness

Two Mondays, Feb. 12 and 19, 6 – 7:30 pm

Willard Library, Browning Gallery

For adults. Free

It’s true: Writing heals. Writing can be our medicine. Learn how to harness the power of journaling  to boost well-being of body, mind, and spirit.

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I’m Not There — Yet:

Writing Your Way Through Life’s Transitions

Wednesdays, March 21 – April 18

University of Evansville, Continued Learning

Navigating the many transitions in a life (current or anticipated) can be made easier with knowledge of how transitions work and the writing strategies you can use to explore transitions in the context of your own life story.

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Michele G.

Barbara has a subtle yet powerful way of merging her scientific knowledge with the emotional aspects of how our word choices can literally change patterns within our minds and ultimately our life story.  From the first day of her program I caught myself implementing the changes we learned through journaling and discussion reaping the benefits of more positivity in my daily interactions with others as well as with myself.  Thank you, Barbara.

Michele G.
Anne K.

It was 6 months after the death of my daughter and granddaughter, my heart was still full of pain, confusion and sadness but the content of the class lifted me above this huge mess…Barbara really led us on a deep and beautiful journey. Being able to move from the harsh reality of the events to “what I am going to do with what happened in my life” was extremely empowering.

Each exercise was well crafted and all her responses were full of knowledge. Following one of my posts, she wrote: “Anne, when I read your posts, I am always blessed by the beauty of your writing as well as by the depth of what you express. That you have decided to ‘not walk as a victim’ is a huge victory. Brava!” Barbara has a great ability to connect to her students!

Two years later, I am still digging in the pool of resources that she left us by the end of the class.

Anne K.
Cecile M.

I have known Barbara for more than 20 years, working with her in a number of ways. As a writer, she is clear, concise, and explores her topics to provide thought-provoking reading. As a journal and retreat facilitator, Barbara prompts us to touch upon the dimensions of ourselves that reside deep within. I have learned from Barbara that there is always more to discover about oneself, and journaling with her has a way of slowly opening the petals of those inner qualities. The space she holds during her sessions allows for trust, vulnerability, and respect for the entire process.

Cecile M.
Todd P.

I started in one of Barb’s journaling groups a few years after my head injury. Before being invited to Barb’s journaling group, by my in/outpatient speech therapist, I was in an outpatient program to learn, or should I say relearn, how to read, write and perform math functions/calculations again. I recall feeling the burn of frustration inside for not having the ability to express my ideas fully. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be invited to Barb’s journaling group. I feel it is with her journaling group and her prompts that helped improve my brain function, help realign my cross-wired neurons, improve my thought processes and improve my communication level. I still feel my inputting processing speed and outputting processing speed is delayed as compared to those whom have not had a head injury of sorts. But with Barb’s journal group and coaching I learned that that is ok, and to continue to write to push to achieve to heal.

Thank you, Barb.

Todd P.
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